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We have access to hundreds of trusted educational professionals from a variety of disciplines including Dyslexia Assessors, Educational Psychologists, Engagement Coaches, Education Consultants - and so many more. We will assist you on your journey in order to access the best professional network to support your child's educational needs.

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Why do parents use PAGS®?

"I love to help and give feedback on PAGS because it feels useful and rewarding"

Lina Soccio
Why do parents use PAGS®?

"The biggest advantage is that you can work on these issues much quicker. The quicker that these basic learning and life skills are taught and recognised, the quicker the child can be helped."

Karen Verbeeck
Why do parents use PAGS®?

"PAGS helped us break down the areas we needed to work on first and most importantly gave us a road map on how to achieve milestones. Now we can celebrate small milestones every week sometimes every day."

Pauline Gitonga
A mother who uses PAGSa parent who recommends PAGSA parent who has used PAGS
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