PAGS® for Parents

Our online digital tool is built for parents who want to keep track of their child’s development. The platform is designed to assess, evaluate and monitor the progress they make together with their child. The 4 modules in PAGS® (Profile, Assessment and Goal Setting) are built upon the most important pillars for children’s development.
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Communication and Interaction
Development of verbal, nonverbal and functional communication. This targets general language, questioning, nonverbal communication and questioning skills.

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Social Interaction and Social Awareness  Development of assertiveness, empathy and self-awareness. This builds awareness of personal rights and responsibilities.

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Development of adaptability. This targets management of behaviour, emotions, stress and change.

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Cognition and Learning
Development of core ability and processing. This targets real life problem solving, memory and learning strategies.

PAGS® is an
way to get your child tested and supported
PAGS® gives
BEST professional network to support your child
that lets you see and share information about your child
with the professionals and the school 

Are you looking for the right specialist to assist with your child's educational needs?

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PAGS brings parents, educators and psychologists together to share information and personalise learning trajectories

PAGS® is a 360 questionnaire that gives a holistic overview of your child’s abilities in communication, social interaction, cognition and self-regulation. Takes 45 mins to complete

PAGS® is a digital tool that monitors a child’s progress in core competencies that are stimulated through targeted strategies and explicit attention and provides insights into aspects of daily behaviour.

PAGS® allows a multi-disciplinary approach that is in the best interest of your child.

PAGS® establishes the strengths and challenges of children and young people aged 5-25 with social, communication, behavioural, and/or cognitive difficulties.


Parents believing in PAGS®

“Very professional in-depth analysis and questionnaires. Easy to navigate and fast performance. Very helpful that with the goal setting you get an advice from the system in terms of priorities in possible goals”

Parent feedback, October 2020, Lina Soccio, Belgium

"As parents to a child diagnosed with global development delay, we were initially overwhelmed by the type of support system we had to put in place. PAGS helped us break down the areas we needed to work on first and most importantly gave us a road map on how to achieve milestones. Now we can celebrate small milestones every week sometimes every day. Our son has gained the confidence to learn every day. We are far more relaxed, knowing we are on the right track"

Parent feedback, May 2020, Pauline Gitonga, Kenya