PAGS® for Professionals

Our online psychosocial analysis tool is a child focussed inclusive platform that believes in the potential of every child. PAGS® questionnaires are looking at fundamental aspects of a child’s educational & developmental growth.The PAGS® questionnaire was validated through evaluation of the relationships between the PAGS® and standardised questionnaires that are widely used in the field of psychology and education.
As everything is digitalised, the different people involved with the child can collaborate on giving the necessary information, allowing for an accurate and holistic view of both the child and the situation.
PAGS® (Profile, Assessment and Goal Setting) assesses skill development through four modules.
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Communication and Interaction
Development of verbal, nonverbal and functional communication. This targets general language, questioning, nonverbal communication and questioning skills.

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Social Interaction and Social Awareness  Development of assertiveness, empathy and self-awareness. This builds awareness of personal rights and responsibilities.

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Development of adaptability. This targets management of behaviour, emotions, stress and change.

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Cognition and Learning
Development of core ability and processing. This targets real life problem solving, memory and learning strategies.

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Why use PAGS tool in your work?
With PAGS® you set
faster. As part of your services, you provide a baseline reporting system, that parents have the opportunity to invite schools to input into that.
PAGS® digitalises all your information via a
so you can reach more children and ensure your recommendations are implemented.
PAGS® gives you
assessement data and reports generation that support EHCP application.

PAGS® portal gives you INSTANT access to parents seeking help for their children

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PAGS® portal gives you INSTANT access to parents seeking help for their children

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1h guided instruction of PAGS® enabling you to use it effectively

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Find out why professionals all over the world are integrating PAGS® as a Psychosocial analysis tool into their practice

PAGS® is a digital tool that monitors child’s progress with regards to specific competencies that are stimulated through targeted strategies and explicit attention and provides insights into aspects of daily behaviour.

PAGS® is a developmental questionnaire that gives a detailed overview of an atypical child’s competencies in communication, social interaction, cognition and self-regulation versus a child of the same chronological age, achieving at an average level.

PAGS® allows a multi-disciplinary approach that is in the best interest of the child.
Because it breaks down information into small digestible parts, when working with the schools or asked to join Individualized Education Program sessions, it becomes easier to recommend a programme and suggest strategies that will help the child move forward.

Educational Consultants, Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists and Speech and Language Therapists are using PAGS® to establish strengths and challenges of children and young people aged 5-25 with social, communication, behavioural, and/or cognitive difficulties.


"In my view producing a questionnaire type test that is designed to highlight the strengths in order to produce an overall profile of the Child is a major step forward.  It is consistent with the demand for a personalised approach to Intervention which targets the specific needs of each individual child, as advocated by the Rochford review 2017. The approach is firmly embedded within the concept of achieving small steps in order to make progress in line with SEND."

Review of PAGS®, June 2019, Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett, International Dyslexia Expert, UK

"PAGs as part of its visioning exercise for the future wants to bring support to parents and learners across the world, especially those who are in vulnerable situations.  We want to provide a global audience with the tools to take care of vulnerable children as we realize the most painful experience is that of parents of vulnerable children."

Prof. Sigamoney Naicker, extra-ordinary Professor at the University of Western Cape in Cape Town.