PAGS® for Schools

PAGS® (Profile, Assessment and Goal Setting) is a new, user-friendly digital assessment and tracking tool for schools, parents and professionals to set goals, upload evidence, and track progress. Providing research-based strategies and resources to optimising learning.

For all SEN children and young adults with:

Multiple diagnoses
One diagnosis
No diagnosis
Complex needs
Developmental delays
Hard to measure gaps
A diagram showing how the PAGS tool works for schools
PAGS® covers 4 key areas that are crucial to successful learning:
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Communication and Interaction
Development of verbal, nonverbal and functional communication. This targets general language, questioning, nonverbal communication and questioning skills.

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Social Interaction and Social Awareness  Development of assertiveness, empathy and self-awareness. This builds awareness of personal rights and responsibilities.

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Development of adaptability. This targets management of behaviour, emotions, stress and change.

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Cognition and Learning
Development of core ability and processing. This targets real life problem solving, memory and learning strategies.

time. The same profile can be accessed by all individuals involved in the learner’s education
PAGS® provides a HOLISTIC
assessement of learners and real-time
progress tracking
PAGS® produces
teaching strategies based on the individual needs of the learner

With PAGS® provides positive evidence of school improvement

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With PAGS® provides positive evidence of school improvement

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Find out why schools say PAGS® has changed the way they assess and track SEN pupils…

PAGS® reduces the workload of SENCOs by supporting them and the teachers to set bespoke and personalised targets for SEN learners, which in turn can be used to support the writing of EHCP targets and outcomes.The initial assessment takes around 45 minutes.

PAGS® 360° profile
assessment and
provides concrete evidence to show learners progress.PAGS® creates a spiky profile. With PAGS® you get accurate baselines in all key areas. Each subsequent update takes no more than 5 minutes.

PAGS® enables parents and significant adults to be actively involved in the intervention and support process of SEN learners. PAGS® moves with the learner through all transition points

PAGS® provides opportunities for further curriculum development. PAGS® gives you targeted strategies that you can carry out or fit into the curriculum.

PAGS® provides positive evidence of school improvement

Users believing in PAGS®

At Stone Soup Academy we are dedicated to creating unimagined futures through the application of new technologies like PAGS. By working with PAGS, we have been able to increase the number of students receiving tailored, high quality and creative SEND input thanks to the time-saving benefits of the platform. As a secondary-aged Alternative Provision, the comprehensive standardised assessments have a particularly positive impact for students who come to us late in their education with unidentified needs, in accessing the support they need to transition into becoming confident young adults.

Rebecca Hale, SEND Teacher, Stone Soup Academy, Nottingham, UK

“Interactive, informative, inspiring - I think this will be a real ‘game changer’ in firmly embedding inclusive practice within our classrooms and enabling teachers to take greater ownership over SEND.  A great tool.”

Lucy Dalmedo, Inclusion & Safeguarding Lead, Maplesden Noakes School, UK

"There is actually huge issue like adults with autism, finding that they have autism really like late in life, because they learn appropriate skills through hard work so like if you could help if you could identify those in childhood and help them to learn skills they will learn to be adult like ‘you could pass for a neurotypical for that long"

Student Feedback, Rosa Sinton, Belgium