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PAGS a game-changer for educators of neuro-divergent learners

PAGS training is accredited by the Society of Education Consultants UK, a body of SEN experts.

Price: €300pp (£270pp) including a PAGS licence

What is included in the PAGS training?

  • Review and insights of the educational & developmental science that optimises outcomes for neuro-divergent learners
  • In-depth understanding of the PAGS tool
  • Open discussion and best practices sharing on how to incorporate PAGS in your work/practice

Outcomes of PAGS training:

  • Use PAGS to facilitate assessments independently
  • Train others in using the tool effectively
  • Become the single point of contact inside your organisation
  • Link with like-minded SEN professionals, collaborate and get on-going support
Why book training?

"I have been using PAGS since the beginning of 2021 to support two people. Both are adults; an autistic man in his mid thirties and a year-12 college student with a mild learning disability. I have found it very useful and would recommend it to other support professionals. The autistic man, in particular, is embracing its approach with relish because he is able to think through each question the platform asks him and respond appropriately. We are half-way through his assessment (I mentor him once a week via Zoom) and are already, together, adapting the strategies PAGS suggests to come up with ways forward to help him navigate parts of the neuro-typical world that he finds most challenging."

Richard Lamplough
Founder of My Employment Passport
PAGS Professional
Image of Richard, a PAGS supporter
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