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Transforming SEN Education:
The PAGS and Stone Soup Academy Partnership

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Why do schools use PAGSĀ®?

PAGS has enabled us to work in a more directed way and to find the specific needs behind the diagnosis of our learners. It gave us clarity about what our students have to do to access that education.

Kerrie Henton
Principal | Stone Soup Academy, UK
Why do schools use PAGSĀ®?

PAGS has provided me with a more comprehensive overview of my learners and enabled me to draw from different resources. With PAGS I have everything I need all in one place - A dream really!

Rebecca Hale
SEN Teacher | Stone Soup Academy
Why do schools use PAGSĀ®?

"The evidence that PAGS has given us has really helped in EHCP applications. It has been very powerful, particularly in cases where extra funding was necessary."

Nicola Youngman
Assistant Head | Queen Mary's Grammar School, UK
school principal who uses PAGS

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Why do professionals use PAGSĀ®?

"Often learners are surrounded by different professionals who are following different targets from their professional perspective. With PAGSĀ®, all these services are bounded together, offering a holistic view of the learners."

Dr Bruhl Kwan
Clinical Psychologist
Why do teachers use PAGSĀ®?

"What I like about PAGSĀ®, is the fact that it ticks different boxes: childrenā€™s needs, the online assessment, tracks progress and gives the flexibility to have it all in one system."

Rob Harding
Deputy Head Teacher
Why do parents use PAGSĀ®?

"The biggest advantage is that you can work on these issues much quicker. The quicker that these basic learning and life skills are taught and recognised, the quicker the child can be helped."

Karen Verbeeck
a psychologist who recommends PAGSa teacher who has used PAGSa parent who recommends PAGS

We work with great schools across Europe and internationally.

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