Your one stop special education needs platform.

Get a holistic view of a learner’s strengths and developmental needs in under 45 minutes.
Get immediate access to smart targets, strategies and resources that are customised to the learners’ needs.
Track and monitor the learners’ progress at any times.
Generate IEP and Review Reports, customised for your school with one click.
Keep documents in the learner’s virtual cabinet for easy access.
Collaborate and liaise with parents, teachers and other professionals in real time.

Turbocharge your school’s SEN support with
our 360º SEN management system

PAGS takes care of your admin work so you can focus on the learners’ needs.

Enhance your capabilities, empower your school with the latest SEN expertise, simplify the way you manage your information and streamline evidence collection.

Reduce your workload

Our reporting tools will save you over 20 hours a term for every learner, freeing you up to focus on what matters most. Your learners.

Integrate with your MIS

We can automate your data that is already digital for you, ensuring you have 100% efficiency across all of your management systems.

Assess, Plan, Do & Review

The PAGS tool follows the SEN code of practice, ensuring your work is up-to-date, in-line with best practice and all in one place.

Working with PAGS is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

young child having learning development gap test

1. Identify a child's developmental strengths and gaps.

PAGS offers a holistic view of a child's strengths and gaps. Our assessments are scientifically-validated, and focus on social interaction, communication, self-regulation and cognition.

FREE Assessment
teacher working with student of teaching strategies

2. Receive actionable tips & strategies, or create your own.

Our database already contains over 600 strategies. It is constantly growing, based on the latest scientific findings as well as input from our network of schools and SEN professionals.

Discover our tips
teachers completing SEN reports

3. Accelerate your reporting & make information more accessible.

PAGS produces the reports you need at the click of a button saving you hours each week. The reports are easy to understand and can be made accessible for anyone who needs it

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We work with great schools across Europe and internationally.

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What users think about PAGS.

"At Stone Soup Academy we are dedicated to creating unimagined futures through the application of new technologies like PAGS. By working with PAGS, we have been able to increase the number of students receiving tailored, high quality and creative SEND input thanks to the time-saving benefits of the platform."

Kerrie Henton
Why do parents use PAGS®?

"The biggest advantage is that you can work on these issues much quicker. The quicker that these basic learning and life skills are taught and recognised, the quicker the child can be helped."

Karen Verbeeck
Why do parents use PAGS®?

"PAGS helped us break down the areas we needed to work on first and most importantly gave us a road map on how to achieve milestones. Now we can celebrate small milestones every week sometimes every day."

Pauline Gitonga
school principal who uses PAGSa parent who recommends PAGSA parent who has used PAGS
PAGS is a tool you can afford.
Online Platform


per pupil
Assess the strengths and gaps of each child in 4 developmental areas.
Select appropriate learning objectives for each child, and receive relevant teaching strategies.
Track every child's progress over time.
Share information easily with all adults working with the child.
Accelerate your reporting, especially for EHCPs.
Onboarding & Training


*until 2024
Ensure all staff are trained in using PAGS, and understand the underlying science & principles of our approach.
Discover best-practices for successfully implementing PAGS with children.
Receive tips and templates for sharing information from PAGS with key stakeholders (staff, parents, local authorities, etc.)
Join a growing network of forward-thinking schools.
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See PAGS in action.

Behind PAGS is a team of SEN Specialists.

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Dr Martin Bloomfield
Neurodiversity Consultant
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Stephen Close
Product Manager
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Feliciea Jibson
Founder & CEO
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Jan Ghys
Executive Chairman
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Josianne Pisani
Content Developer

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