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Behind PAGS® stands a strong team of professionals eager to push your child’s success to a new level.
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Felicia Jibson
founder of PAGS®
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Feliciea Jibson is Managing Director at Felser Limited. She is a qualified teacher, with years of experience in teaching autistic children in schools, residential settings and working directly with parents, care givers and families.

She has completed her Masters Degree in Autism at The University of Birmingham. Before opening Felser Limited in 2018, Feliciea worked as Head of Department for learners aged 16 to 25 with severe learning difficulties and complex needs.

Thibaut Randaxhe
Executive officer of PAGS®
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Thibaut Randaxhe is responsible for the business matter at PAGS®. He holds a Master in International Management from Ivey Business School (Ontario, Canada).

Previously working as business manager, he used to coach consulting teams in the healthcare sector. At PAGS®, his knowledge about SaaS product development and business development brings the necessary insights to ensure the success of the project.

At PAGS® we believe in the potential of every child; with our psychosocial analysis tool and network of professionals we provide you with the best personalised learning trajectory  for your child to succeed.

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Our journey

Once there was a world without PAGS®

Our founder Feliciea was working for many years in independent SEND schools for a wide range of children with autism, SLD, MLD and severe challenging behaviours and other needs. Over many years, Feliciea started to build an amazing system that became PAGS®.

Together with our several partners (SENCO and SEND headteachers) we have worked on understanding teachers' and health care professionals' needs in terms of tracking progress for some of their more complex pupils. We have succeeded to capture their developmental issues, anxieties, learning difficulties and other barriers, with multiple checklists, equations and IEPs (Individual Education Plan).

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Problems requiring a solution

Here’s why we embarked on this epic journey to create PAGS®:

  • Children need personalisation, but there are a million solutions.
  • We need to keep track of progress, but everyone needs to be using less paper.
  • The challenge of capturing small steps of progress in hard-to-measure areas.
  • How can parents talk with schools using a shared language and values?
  • Many formats currently in use seem obsolete or limited in what they measure.
  • Information often gets lost during transition.
  • Children are complex with strengths as well as areas for development!
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The Epiphany

One of our SENCOs has a personal story that shows you what PAGS® means for him. When his son dropped out of school it was a sad day, but not surprising. He had spent several years being defined by his dyslexia. School seemed to be about what he couldn’t do: write, spell, keep up with the text.

The more it frustrated him, the more extra writing he seemed to get to catch up. The very thing he found challenging, he was given more of than his peers. In this deficit model, he became defined by his condition. And yet our SENCO's son had surprising strengths. For example, he can calculate volume and irregular areas in his head with ease. He can see the answer to a lateral problem while others are still reading it. Yet unlike PAGS® his school missed his strengths and only saw the gaps. And unlike PAGS® they measured him against his class, instead of against himself.

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PAGS® takes the initiative
  • PAGS® has a mission that’s as important as any mission you can find.  PAGS® intends to empower people to become productive members of society.
  • In the UK alone £2 million is spent supporting each autistic adult, when only 16% are in full time work, and 77% tell us they want to work, and have the skills to excel in many work environments.
  • PAGS® helps to close the gaps between the diverse and the typical.  We know from research and from our own personal experience that we need a more diverse, open, and inclusive society so that everyone has a chance to be the best they can be.  PAGS® at the heart of this movement.
  • PAGS® is a continuous project with a growing group of parents, professionals and researchers, pooling a wealth of experience.
  • PAGS® is for everyone. Our team will guide and support you onto a journey of discovery and empowerment for every learner.
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