Platform Features

The PAGS platform offers a comprehensive all in one solution for uncovering and working on the developmental needs of your learners. Below we have listed some of the key functionality.
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ASSESS - Your learners!

PAGS uniquely encompasses all four critical areas of the SEND code of practice within a single platform. Our comprehensive yet user-friendly multiple-choice assessments deliver actionable insights into learner development.

Assessments are available for:
- Cognition & Learning
- Communication & Interaction
- Self-Regulation
- Social Interaction & Awareness

The platform allows for collaboration, invite unlimited staff, parents, and external practitioners to contribute to assessments and document context with notes for each question.

Assessments can be repeated as needed, with answers, notes, and results stored separately, facilitating easy review of learner progression at any time.

Image of the PAGS Assessment questions
Image of the PAGS Assessment results
Clear assessment results show hidden learner needs

Reviewing assessment results is key to deeply understanding your learners. PAGS enables the easy identification of developmental needs that contribute to poor attainment, as well as social, behavioural, and attendance issues.

More crucially, it allows for the creation of an evidence-based development plan, enabling you to justify your targets and approach.

Understand the developmental age of learners for each assessment.

PAGS displays the developmental age vs actual age for each assessment.

This simple metric allows you to not only bench mark and track progress, but articulate the developmental needs of the learner in a way staff and parents can understand instantly.

Image of the learner's development age

PLAN - Set targets based on results, define strategies to achieve

Image of the PAGS development targets
SMART Developmental Targets based on EVIDENCE

Say goodbye to cookie cutter. Stop wasting time scrolling huge lists of generic targets you struggle to justify.

The PAGS algorithm automatically selects specific targets to meet the needs identified through assessment, so you can be sure you're working on the highest priority needs.

Add custom Targets

Manually enter custom targets covering anything you wish. Add in specific EHCP targets, pastoral objectives or even goals and tasks you want to document. The ability to add any target you feel relevant, all pulled through into reporting and tracked within a single platform

Image of the PAGS custom targets
Image of the PAGS target strategies
Unique strategies for every target

Never have that "what can I do with them for this target" moment again.

PAGS provides unique strategies custom to every target, so once you select the target, you have resources instantly ready to support the learner in achieving them.


DO - Record progress, Map provisions and document the learner journey

Record progress against each target

Document the work your doing at every step, with PAGS you can update each target adding context to the work you have done and upload any supporting files as evidence.

Image of the recording progress against targets
Image of the PAGS target strategies
Create clear learner plans and map provision

Organise all targets and interventions by developing learner plans, which can be yearly, termly, or weekly, according to your preference.Allocate a budget for each plan and begin adding items such as Targets, Interventions, and custom items. Then, use drag and drop to arrange them in order of priority. Assign start and end dates, as well as statuses to each plan item, to establish clear timelines and monitor progress. Document the staff members assigned to each item, track the hours spent, and include additional costs and resources to create the most detailed provision mapping tool available.

REVIEW - Automated IEP'S, Reports and School dashboards

Image of the PAGS IEP Report
Automatic IEP's

Fully automated IEP reports consistently provide the latest information, saving hours of administrative time.


Reports, Reports, Reports

IEP Report - Confirmed
APDR Report - Confirmed
360 Report - Confirmed
Progression Report - Confirmed

For all your reporting needs, rest assured, we have you covered.

Image of the PAGS reports
Image of the PAGS school Dashboard
School Dashboards

Especially useful for heads and senior staff, We aggregate the learner data and surface it on the school dashboard, so at a glance you can see overviews and gain detailed insight.

Understand the School mood, Average attendance, Behaviour and SEN Score. See how many learners have and have not taken assessments and much more.

"Seeing the most common conditions and access arrangements in my school makes identifying staff CPD so simple"

See PAGS in action

Become acquainted with PAGS and explore a concise overview of our platform presented by our head of product in this Headteacher Chat Webinar.

The platform has changed A LOT since then, but the core functionality of PAGS - Assessment, Target setting and Reporting are shown to help you get to know us. (We have just improved everything)