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Why schools choose PAGS over ProvisionMap

PAGSprofile and ProvisionMap are both SEN management platforms, so what sets them apart? Thoughtfully selected choices drive efficiency and foster positive outcomes. Learn why forward-thinking schools are choosing PAGS.

An Illustration showing the complexity of other platform's compared to the straightforward approach of PAGS

What makes PAGS different?

When asked why they are moving away from Provisionmaps, SENCOs often mention
increased workload, lack of flexibility & steep learning curves due to its complex features.


PAGS enables you with digital assessments in four key areas, providing targets, resources, and intervention plans based on each learners' strengths & developmental needs.


PAGS customises itself to the needs of your school. Our reporting, tracking and progress monitoring tools will not only save you more than 20 hrs per term per learners but also ensures positive outcomes.


PAGS boasts user-friendly features tailored for the needs of both the SEN team and the learners. It follows the SEN code of practice, ensuring your work is up-to-date, in line with best practices and all in one place

How we compare

SENCOs' and Educators' Criteria for a SEN Platform Exploring Platform Offerings:

Key Features
Digital assessment in the 4 key areas of education
Identify learner strengths and areas of need
Literacy assessment
Strategic Planning
Generate Smart Targets tailored to the learners' unique needs
Select from general targets
Generate strategies & resources
Add your own targets
Add your own strategies
Generate a targeted intervention plan
Create a manual intervention plan
Monitoring & Reporting
Track and monitor learner progress with ease.
Generate automated reports, IEPs & reviews
Create manual reports, IEPs & reviews
Facilitate evidence collection
Facilitate EHCP processes through the data generated
Administration & Integration
Store essential documents safely
Essential task reminder
Read-only version to showcase work
Provision costings
Seamlessly integrate with any MIS
Centralised SEN operations in one hub
Data transfer for easy transitions
Foster collaboration
No added costs

Your Future. Your past reviews, goals, and notes matter. PAGS facilitates the transfer of essential documents, ensuring continuity

Your Challenge,
Our Mission

Switching SEN support systems? PAGS makes it seamless. Experience tailored support and training, all designed to ensure an effortless transition from ProvisionMap.

Preserving Your Past, Powering Your Future

Your past reviews, goals, and notes matter. That's why we've made data import easy. With PAGS, carry forward your valuable data effortlessly.

Roll Out at Your Pace, Backed by Our Expertise

Deploy PAGS your way - all at once or module by module. Our expert team guides your smooth transition, letting you tap into PAGS' full potential at your own pace.

Access the free Resource!

Our team is ready to meet you for a free demo, answer any questions, and help you decide whether PAGS® would be the ideal tool to support your needs. Once you’ve filled out the form, we’ll be in contact to book a suitable date and time.