55% of all suspensions & 49% of all exclusions are attributed to disruptive behaviour.

Behavioural issues stem from developmental challenges
and fundamental needs which are not
being addressed.

Uncover these needs with our SEN assessments
and address the cause before the learner's situation escalates, leading to suspension or exclusion.

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Social, Emotional and mental health development underpins behaviour in the class room!

The Self-Regulation Assessment

The PAGS platform has assessments covering all the key areas of SEND.

The Self-Regulation module is one of two assessments related to Social, Emotional and Mental health development. It has been designed with and by educational psychologist to accurately assess learners in seven key development areas:

- Managing Emotions
- Adaptive Behaviour
- Managing Stress
- Coping with Change
- Physical and Mental Wellness
- Well Being

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Cognitive challenges are a catalyst for disengagement, a major contributor to disruptive behaviour.  

The Cognition and Learning  Assessment

Learning is embedded in our ability to engage with academic tasks, yet various factors hold learners back. This module is designed to surface needs related to:

- Memory retention
- Problem-solving
- Attention
- Information processing
- Decision-making
- Planning
- Organisation skills

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