PAGS is THE Assessment, Target Setting & Reporting platform to meet your school's needs!

teacher working with two young children at a SEN school
Designed by educational psychologists, therapists
and SEN specialists.

Used by academic trusts, alternative provisions
and schools worldwide!
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The number of SEN learners is on the increase. Yet, head teachers face significant funding limitations, SENCOs are constantly working under immense time constraints, and educators feel ill-equipped to meet the diverse needs of SEN students.

This not only compromises the overall quality of education provided, but can also lead to burnout and decreased effectiveness in addressing the needs of SEN learners.

Get all the tools you need in one central hub, maximise efficiency and reduce costs!

What makes PAGS different?


Our validated assessments cover 4 core areas of learning and child development. Identify the learners areas of need in real time - even in the absence of a dedicated team.

Data Driven Insights

PAGS offers a comprehensive, evidence based approach, providing SEN teams and educators with targets and strategies that are tailored to the learner's needs.

Progress Tracking & Monitoring

Provide evidence of the effectiveness of  the support being provided and ensure meaningful progress toward learning goals.

Easy Reporting

PAGS supports both EHCP and IEP processes. Our robust reporting tools provide valuable insights to support strategic planning, improvement initiatives and secure funding.

Schools using PAGS have been rated outstanding by OFSTED

“The school has developed an inclusive curriculum that promotes academic excellence and well-being, resulting in strong achievements for all students whilst ensuring  equal opportunities for those with SEN.”

Ofsted on Queen Mary's Grammar School.
Why do schools use PAGS?

Enables early identification of needs and barriers to learning.

Aligns everyone on the learner's needs.

Schools using PAGS experience an increase in attendance 75% of the time and can expect a 10 -15 % increase in academic grades.

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